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Aircraft and road

Comfort, luxury and safety

in all your travels

Marina Yachts uses the best facilities in Italy for moving its customers with a large fleet of cars, helicopters or private jets to meet every need.

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Maximum comfort, maximum privacy.

Active and specialized in V.I.P. service, Marina Yachts is already a point of reference for show business figures and successful entrepreneurs for the helicopter services offered, thanks to the consolidated partnership with companies in the sector.

Chosen for numerous events of international caliber, from the Venice Film Festival to the Grand Prix of Formula 1, from the World Championship to international sport competitions in the most popular mountain resorts, “VIP Helicopter Service” by Marina Yachts is a privileged interlocutor for those who want to travel by helicopter, in complete freedom and in the utmost privacy.

Aeromobile Marina Yachts
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On the road

For class moves

Comfort, elegance, privacy. What you can count on relying on the car service with a driver from Marina Yatchs, active in Friuli Venezia Giulia and beyond. For trips in Italy and abroad, a selection of luxury cars and luxury vehicles for up to 9 people.

Punctuality and all-inclusive service are the prerogatives of our first-class road transport.