Aprilia Marittima

La nostra sede

An elegant seaside village that marries the need for intimacy and the desire to feel good: the taste for the arts, the kitchen and the beautiful life.

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Aprilia Marittima

Marina Yachts has chosen Lignano, because after twenty years of success in the nautical world, Lignano with its marine complex represents the largest offer of mooring for the pleasure of the Adriatic and is undoubtedly one of the largest ports in Italy and in Europe with over 5,000 berths available. The various structures of Aprilia Marittima, the Porto Vecchio dock, the Marina Punta Faro port, the Marina Uno dock, the Marina Punta Verde dock, are strategically positioned around the Lignano peninsula, from the lagoon to the Tagliamento river. There you can find moorings of various sizes from 6 to 30 meters for sailing and motor boats. We are waiting for you in our magical reality.

Marina Yachts la sede

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Vicolo del Coregolo, 1
33053 – Aprilia Marittima (UD) – Italy