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360 ° protection


and expertise

Complete advice for the whole life of your boat, from the stipulation of the insurance policy, to the listing and settlement of a possible claim, up to the time of sale. We have a wide network of experts specialized in pleasure boating with more than 40 years of experience in the yachting industry that allow us to manage even the most complex claims.

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For every technical assessment, Marina Yachts is at your service.

In the purchase and sale of boats, in which the emotional factor can compromise the effective judgment; in legal disputes, where in addition to the extent of the damage it is necessary to determine the cause and the responsibility of the facts, and in any other circumstance in which it is appropriate to determine the actual state of use in which a vessel is located, our organization stands as a consultant and reliable partner.

And again, Marina Yachts provides nautical appraisals for insurance, with an estimate of the value of the asset, in the case of policies with full coverage on the boat (Coverage Corpi), insurance renewal or in the case of marine accidents.

Marina Yachts assicurazioni e perizie
Yacht charter

Insurance and appraisals on:


Complete consultancy throughout the life of the contract from the stipulation of the insurance policy to the listing of the claim


We help you choose the ideal level of protection by recommending the covers that best fit your needs

Purchase and sale

We support you from the time of purchase until you decide to sell

The services offered:

  • Expertise of used and new boats.
  • Sworn, legal and partisan appraisals.
  • Insurance and valuation appraisals.
  • Leases and arbitrations.
  • Osmosis, delaminations and marine claims.
  • Commercial naval appraisals.
  • Inspection with ultrasound and thermography.
Marina Yachts assicurazioni e perizie