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Aprilia Marittima, Monfalcone e Trieste

Our offices

An elegant seaside village that marries the need for intimacy and the desire to feel good: the taste for the arts, the kitchen and the beautiful life.

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The offices of Marina Yachts S.r.l.

Marina Yachts is located in the three offices of Aprilia Marittima, Monfalcone and Trieste. Lovers of the sea and boating meet at our offices through which they can access benefits and reserved activities, experiencing special emotions and participating in prestigious events and international regattas.

Marina Yachts la sede

Contact Marina Yachts S.r.l.


Vicolo del Coregolo, 1
33053 – Aprilia Marittima (UD) – Italy

Uffici: +39 0431 668191


Via Consiglio D’Europa, 42
34074 Monfalcone (GO) – Italy

Trieste offices

Molo Venezia, n°1
34123 Trieste – Italy