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For your used

Over Boat:

the scrapping of boats

The over boat, the scrapping of boats, is a flagship service of Marina Yatch, which relieves costs, risks, burdens and complex bureaucratic procedures.

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We scraps your used

It is recommended when the costs of parking, storage and maintenance exceed the economic value of the yacht.

The services offered:

  • DiHandling of files for cancellation from naval registers
  • Demolition of the yacht, in any site, with the decomposition of the parts, making it transportable in the shapes permitted by the road code.
  • Transfer of boat remains to the construction site, including the separation of materials
  • Disposal of residues by specialized companies authorized for the treatment of resins.

Say goodbye to your inconvenient and expensive used

We dismantle your Yacht or your boat in full respect of the environment and legal regulations.

Yachts over boat
Yachts disfacimento
over boat Yachts
over boat
barche da dismettere
Yachts da dismettere