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Save the Sea

We save

and protect our sea

Marina Yachts promotes the dissemination of eco-sustainable behaviour by supporting the causes of awareness of the protection of the sea and our environment.

PRO-SEA: become Marina Green Yachts

We protect our customers as much as we protect our ecosystem. Marina Yachts is sensitive to the environmental theme and supports international organizations that actively work for the protection of the sea and the planet. This is why we make our customers aware of ethical and respectful behaviour. Individual consciousness affects the collective consciousness. Every little gesture of respect is a great contribution to the ecosystem.

Safeguarding the marine environment is a moral duty towards the present and the future.
We recall the categorical imperative of Kantian memory: “two things fill with ever new and growing admiration, the starry sky above me, and the moral law in me”.

Save the water

There is no planet B

About 80% of life forms on Earth live in the Oceans.

The future of the sea is the future of man. It is built and protected through the sustainable choices of all.

Inattentions’ management of fish resources and marine biodiversity can result in obvious damage.

We are the sea:

The world’s coastal heritage is a precious resource threatened by decay, wild cementification, erosion and pollution. Italy is no exception. According to the WWF report “Coast: the fragile profile of Italy”, only 30% of Italian beaches remained in their natural state. The others have been disfigured by bathing establishments, industrial waste, ports, agglomerations, and tourism facilities. If we can do little against some of these problems, there are some simple precautions that we can follow as bathers to limit the impact of our stay on the beach on the ecosystem.

Here are 8 simple precautions to keep when you’re out with your boat to relax without damaging the marine ecosystem:

  • It is a beach, not a landfill. Look at this picture how long they put us to decompose your waste.
  • Beware of plastic bags. Just a blast can get them to end up in the water, where they become deadly traps for many marine animals.
  • For Smoking, yes, but responsible. Throw the butts in a special portable ashtray, just one way to pollute a square meter of sea.
  • Beware of sunscreens: most of them, dissolved in water, damage the marine ecosystem, especially the corals. Choose only creams containing mineral based sunscreens, such as zinc oxide.
  • When taking a shower, whether on the beach or in a boat, avoid using shampoo and shower gel: some substances contained in them are strongly polluting the sea.
  • No “souvenirs”. Leave the chunks of coral or granite, the shells and the hermit crabs’ shells, they are natural assets and fundamental parts of the ecosystem that you bring home would seem only a macabre trophy.
  • If you own a motor boat, scrupulously comply with the limits imposed by the Port Authorities for approaching the beach. It is not allowed to go ashore with the engine running.
  • Respect marine and terrestrial fauna. Limit noise pollution, long-running engines, chattering, stereo and radio on: disturb birds near the coastlines.
Biodegradabilita rifiuti in mare