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Sell your boat with us

Your boat

exclusively with Marina Yachts.

The long experience in selling used boats and the consolidated network of international contacts make Marina Yachts the ideal partner to entrust the sale of your boat.


Your boat exclusively with Marina Yachts is undoubtedly the best way to optimize and get the best result, to put the professional at your side in a clear and defined position which allows you to protect and enhance the boat and to expand with appropriate resonances the sales possibilities.

Choose the best

Why entrust your boat to Marina Yachts with an exclusive mandate:

  • Relying on professionals and not on impromptu sellers
  • Enhance and elevate the boat from any reductive competition between brokers
  • Delimit sales boundaries and simple rules
  • Protect the value and reputation of the boat and property
  • Increase and enhance market competitiveness
  • Give certainty and a clear message to the market
  • Being able to open collaborations with other brokers and with their clients
  • Being able to make investments in research and promotion
  • Entrusting your goal exclusively is an important decision and a responsibility that Marina Yachts today knows it knows how to manage
  • The boats entrusted to Marina Yachts exclusively are usually sold before the expiry of the mandate

Search for your next boat

Relying on a professional in the field to find your next boat means working in synergy with those who know the actors of this industry. It means having a professional who takes care of your interests and with whom you can compare yourself in a true way. Optimize your time and direct the choice towards the right boats avoiding wrong purchases or unpleasant surprises.

Marina Yachts sales activity

Marina Yachts is able to manage the sale of a boat in complete autonomy or working in collaboration with partner agencies to reach the goal with precision and perseverance: from the coaching phase to the promotion of the boat, from contact management and negotiation to legal and contractual assistance.

Participate in the most important international boat shows (Cannes Yachting Festival, Monaco Yacht Show, Genoa, Boot Düsseldorf, Boat Show Palma de Mallorca) as well as the various Italian clubs.

Continuous investments in human resources, direct and indirect experiences also in marketing and communication have led today to the creation of a vast database including an important range of yachts for sale, over 5,000 yacht owners and a vast network of more than 2,000 contacts in the sector including the best builders, shipyards, designers, naval architects, commanders, crews, brokers around the world.

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