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Marina Yachts


Make Your dreams true

The partner of excellence, for those who love to take off, in large projects. Let your dreams set sail, to whatever destination they are, with us you have already made them.

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Marina Yachts

A life of sea and passion

Marina Yachts DNA is summed up with professionalism, passion and love for the sea, adjectives derived from a firm and ancient tradition of the founder.
We are a sales and yachts management agency that offers technical and commercial advice on new and used boats, with services and assistance throughout the nautical world.
The company is made up of a network of professionals and a trained and synergic staff, composed of technicians of the highest level and a team of agents and professional signalmen who represent the company in this sector, offering assistance and support to customers.

Marina Yacht Group

The Marina Yacht Group is structured in a capillary manner at the service of the shipowner distributed throughout Europe on a technical / naval circuit available to the customer.

The naval mediators of Marina Yacht are registered in the register and engaged in the management marketing of some of the most famous international shipyards. Their knowledge and experience derive from a rich and twenty-year background in the sector.

Our headquarters

Marina Yachts is located in the three offices of Aprilia Marittima, Monfalcone and Trieste. Lovers of the sea and boating meet at our offices through which they can access benefits and reserved activities, experiencing special emotions and participating in prestigious events and international regattas.

The History

M.Y. History

There is something that unites the most prestigious owners of history: they thought big. Like us, when we started our adventure. As our customers, we are sure, are building a beautiful story: their future. Together, we will leave the mark.

Passion, power and greatness

Abstract elements that are embodied in the Marina Yachts brand, specialized in the sale and management of yachts, as well as in first-class services, charter and after-sales service.
A brand that is a guarantee of impeccable competence and service, the partner of excellence for those who love to take off in large projects.

Marina Yachts tracks new routes in the lives of customers, under the sign of freedom to be and to do. Technology, elegance, quality and beauty. All characteristics that are found in the offer of luxury yachts, where excellence is the benchmark.

With Marina Yachts at your side, everyone can express their identity. Set sail your dreams to whatever destination they are. With us, you have already made them.

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